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  • Amol Agrawal

    posted to Mostly Economics on Wed 4th Jun 08

    1. IE Blog has two superb posts on price of crude oil- On The Price of Crude Oil, Upsetting Oil Pricing Conundrum2. Finance Clipping pointsto technical charts showing appearance of a Black Swan!!3. WSJ blog points Fed welcoming weak dollar4. Nudges points to

  • Amol Agrawal

    posted to Mostly Economics on Fri 30th May 08

    1. Jeff Frankel says odds of recession in US are above 50%2. WSJ Blog pointsto Fedspeak- Kohn and Fisher. It pointstraders are betting that Fed might raise rates in October to 2.25%3. WSJ pointsto a Dalas Fed research which says it is difficult to sustain oil

  • Amol Agrawal

    posted to Mostly Economics on Fri 2nd May 08

    1. WSJ Blog pointsto the dissenters in FOMC2. Mankiw says what recession?3. TTR points to why RBI Governor believes India will not grow below 8%.4. Rodrik on rising food prices5. EPSA Blog onusing technology forfinancial inclusion6. Nudges Blog explainshow