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  • Only a chump would buy this book

    posted to Environmental Economics on Wed 21st Aug 13

    Day 3 of the great textbook giveaway experiment: To celebrate my first day Visiting NUS next week,  I will be giving away free copies of my Fundamentals book on Monday 8/26/13.   The new version now includes a good example of a regression

  • There is no such thing as a free lunch

    posted to Environmental Economics on Mon 12th Aug 13

    Matt Kahn: August 12th 2013 is my parents' 51st wedding anniversary.   To celebrate this important day, Amazon will give away free copies (just on Monday) of my e-book; Fundamentals of Environmental Economics: Solving Urban Pollution Problems. 

  • Some Links

    posted to Cafe Hayek on Tue 6th Aug 13

    Writing in today’sWall Street Journal, historians Larry Schweikart and Burt Folsom correct Pres. Obama’s mistaken history of American infrastructure. Here’s their closing:In all of these examples, building infrastructure was never the engine