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  • Climate policy does wonders for your green-tech patent count

    posted to Environmental Economics on Thu 5th Feb 09

    Innovation is the holy grail of climate policy. Without it, we are toast -- quite literally. Climate economists' efforts to quantifying innovation, though, has more closely resembled something of a Monty Python goose chase than a deliberate pursuit. That elusive

  • Great (economic) Equations

    posted to Environmental Economics on Tue 15th Sep 09

    I'm currently reading The Great Equations*; a book about the fundamental mathematical equations that have changed science.  Equations included are the Pythagorean Theorem, E=mc2  and Euler's equation among others.  This got me

  • Tracking the price of climate change

    posted to Environmental Economics on Fri 31st May 13

    A new analysis by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the NRDC, finds that the federal government spent three times more than the private insurance industry on climate change impacts last year. And, of course, those federal efforts are entirely funded by

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  • Well It Just Seems Silly When Others Do It, Shutdown Edition

    posted to Economists Do It With Models on Sat 5th Oct 13

    From PhD Comics: Jorge Cham is not alone in his opinion…Emily Oster, for example:Was going to use jobs report in my Friday class. I guess not. Now it's getting personal.— Emily Oster (@ProfEmilyOster) October 2, 2013 Or John Whitehead:I’m

  • Anything but water

    posted to Aguanomics on Mon 23rd Sep 13

    These Canadians love their oil terminal, but Alberta has no sense of humor about its pollution :(Who will win in the automated future? Those who listen, engage and motivate. The losers? Read on...Politicians who ignore good advice get bad (predicted) results,

  • Links for 09-20-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Fri 20th Sep 13

    Where are the women in central banking? - The Washington PostAusterity Seen Easing With Change to EU Budget Policy - WSJ.comThe Quality of Jobs: The New Normal and the Old Normal - NYTimes.comHouse Republicans just voted to cut food stamps by $39 billion -