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  • Does Portugal Have Its Own Shortage Of Japanese" Problem?

    posted to Euro Watch on Sun 12th May 13

    In a number of posts recently I have highlighted the impact of declining workforces on economic growth (here, for example, or here, or here) and the way the policies persued to address the Euro debt crisis are having the impact of  accelerating the

  • Beyond Their Ken?

    posted to Euro Watch on Sun 28th Apr 13

    Spain's economic problems now form part of such a complex web of cause and effect, action and reaction, that it is getting increasingly difficult for laymen, journalists and politicians alike to get to the core of what is actually happening.To a herd of rams,

  • Does Emigration Put Spains Health and Pensions System At Risk?

    posted to Euro Watch on Tue 26th Mar 13

    According to the Economists Buttonwood, desperate times require desperate measures. I am sure this is right, times in Spain are certainly getting desperate and many of the measures being implemented in Brussels, far from representing radical and innovative

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  • "Not All East The European Economies Are The Same"

    posted to Euro Watch on Tue 12th May 09

    This was Angela Merkel's point wasn't it, if you remember, as she came out of the April EU summit she argued:Saying that the situation is the same for all central and eastern European states, I dont see thatyou cannot compare the dire situation in Hungary with

  • Portugal Sustains

    posted to Euro Watch on Mon 12th Jan 09

    "Art has a function of teaching about the human condition. We live in hope, hope is fundamental" - Manoel de OliveiraManoel de Oliveira (photo and quote above) is a living example for the Potuguese people of how to force their way out of the low growth/low

  • Too Soon To Cry Victory?

    posted to Euro Watch on Fri 6th Aug 10

    Confidence Has Returned To Europes Financial Markets, But Lasting Economic Growth May Not Be So Easy To AchieveECB president Jean-Claude Trichet was in rather optimistic, one might even say jovial, mood at the press conference which followed this week's central

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