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  • Why did The Economist favour free trade?

    posted to Free exchange on Fri 6th Sep 13

    A better understanding of economic history might have helped the world avoid the worst of the recent crisis. Free exchange continues its discussion of milestones in economic history, showing how they contributed to the development of economic thought (you can

  • Here we go again

    posted to Free exchange on Fri 6th Sep 13

    ONE day, the Federal Reserve will learn, maybe. America's central bank has been preparing markets for months for drawdowns in its programme of stimulative asset purchases, despite criticism that such a "tapering" was premature amid weak employment growth and

  • Remembering Ronald Coase

    posted to Free exchange on Fri 6th Sep 13

    EARLIER this week Ronald Coase, a winner of the economics Nobel and one of the most important economists of the past century, died at 102. This week's Free exchange column looks at his life and contributions:His debates with the Chicago academics centred on

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  • First, define the problem

    posted to Free exchange on Sun 18th Apr 10

    Free exchange Financial reform R.A. | WASHINGTON The unpleasantly complicated battle to reform finance I HAVE been meaning to summarise my thoughts on financial regulatory reform in the wake of the Hyman Minsky conference on same. I have to say, it has left

  • What's the right inflation target?

    posted to Free exchange on Tue 16th Feb 10

    Free exchange Monetary policy R.A. | WASHINGTON Investigating the costs of a higher inflation rate Images: MY EARLIER post on the potential benefit from increasing inflation targets from around 2% to something like 4% touched off some interesting discussion

  • The great stagnation

    posted to Free exchange on Thu 27th Jan 11

    I'VE just read Tyler Cowen's new book, "The Great Stagnation". You should too; it's available online (only), quite short, and just $4. The publishing model is fascinating in its own right and worth a post, but that will have to wait, as the material itself

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