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  • BBC unveils new internet TV vision

    posted to Tech Blog on Tue 8th Oct 13

    The BBC’s iPlayer is arguably the most successful effort by a broadcaster to embrace the internet age, so when the market leader talks about a next-generation version, the industry ought to sit up and take notice of what could become the future of TV.Continue

  • Behind closed doors: how Twitter edited its IPO filing

    posted to Tech Blog on Sat 5th Oct 13

    Twitter took advantage of the new Jobs Act to file the drafts of its initial public offering document in secret, denying journalists and investors the chance to watch its rough and tumble with the SEC.But when the registration document was published on Thursday,

  • Twitters EM uphill battle

    posted to Tech Blog on Fri 4th Oct 13

    As Twitters IPO cranks into action, there is one big question that is puzzling beyondbrics and many others: where are the non-US users based?In its SEC filing, Twitter admitted that users outside the US constituted 77 per cent of our average MAUs [monthly active

Most popular posts

  • Perspective on Apple amid the clamour

    posted to Tech Blog on Mon 28th Jan 13

    It is ironic that both Dell and Apple shared big news last week.Back in 1998 Michael Dell, then the crown prince of the personal computer industry, recommended that Steve Jobs shut down Apple, which was in dire shape, and distribute the proceeds to shareholders.

  • Facebook ought to ditch its public offering

    posted to Tech Blog on Fri 3rd Feb 12

    At long last Facebook has filed for its initial public offering, the most eagerly awaited event in Silicon Valley since Google went public in 2004. Having read the prospectus, with its details of how profitable and cash-rich the social networking …Continue

  • Robots put leadership under skills pressure

    posted to Tech Blog on Tue 9th Aug 11

    We love robots tireless, productive workhorses of the modern assembly line. But we also hate robots sinister mechanical simulacra of the human workers they make redundant. In the latest episode in our complicated relationship with automatons and automation,

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  • Monday links: humbling markets

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Mon 28th Jan 13

    Quote of the dayJoe Fahmy, “The second you get cocky and think you are good, the market has a unique way of humbling you.” (Joe Fahmy)Chart of the dayForecast returns for a 60/40 portfolio over the next decade. (Buttonwood, ibid)MarketsInvestors

  • Friday links: gold theology

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Fri 3rd Feb 12

    Quote of the dayFloyd Norris, “More than almost any other dispute in economics, gold often seems to be a matter of theology. “ (NYTimes)Chart of the dayWith the stock market in rally mode a look at the weekly chart. (Afraid to Trade)MarketsDaily

  • People Make Poor Monitors for Computers

    posted to Macroeconomic Resilience on Thu 29th Dec 11

    In the early hours of June 1st 2009, Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Till the black boxes of AF447 were recovered in April 2011, the exact circumstances of the crash remained a mystery. The most widely accepted explanation for the disaster