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  • Binge-streaming the Breaking Bad soundtrack

    posted to Tech Blog on Thu 3rd Oct 13

    Sunday night’s US finale of Emmy award-winning TV series Breaking Bad sent viewers flocking to their laptops to hear a song played on the programme, boosting downloads of the 1970s British rock band Badfinger’s hit “Baby Blue” by almost

  • Arresting the bad guys in Greece

    posted to Marginal Revolution on Mon 30th Sep 13

    Probably most of you know by now that the Greek government has moved to arrest leading members of Golden Dawn, their neo-Nazi Party, including parliamentary members and leaders of the party. These members seem to be bad people, even by the low standards of

  • FT column: Big data has to show that its not like Big Brother

    posted to John Gapper's Business Blog on Wed 12th Jun 13

    Sales of George Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four have risen since Edward Snowden revealed how the National Security Agency of the US gains access to telephone records and data from technology companies. So far, if people do not exactly love Big Brother, they are