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  • Two Modest Proposals

    posted to Ideas on Tue 8th Oct 13

    I gather that both sides in the current political flap claim to be in favor of compromise, so I have two to suggest, although I doubt either will appeal to them.1: The budget deficit is running at about twenty percent of expenditure. The Republicans think the

  • The Debt Limit and Default

    posted to Ideas on Mon 7th Oct 13

    One thing that puzzles me about the current controversy is that almost everyone talks as though hitting the debt limit means that the federal government must default on interest payments on its debt. So far as I can tell, there is no reason that should be the

  • Atheism and Morality: A Response To Dennis Prager

    posted to Ideas on Thu 3rd Oct 13

    "If there is no God, the labels good and evil are merely opinions. They are substitutes for I like it and I dont like it. They are not objective realities."(Dennis Prager, in a recent piece in National Review Online) The argument is wrong twice over. The existence

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  • My Response to Robert Frank's Reply

    posted to Ideas on Tue 11th May 10

    [I am quoting pieces of what Robert Frank wrote (in italics) and my responses. The full text of his response to my response to his op-ed is in the post before this.]Robert Frank writes: In my piece, for example, I claimed that high social rank has substantial

  • Austrian Fantasy

    posted to Ideas on Tue 26th Jul 11

    Browsing the web, I came across the following claim  by Lew Rockwell:" Need I note, as this article indirectly indicates, that the whole world is reading Rothbard, but that Friedman is almost a nobody outside of mainstream academic economics?"He provides

  • TSA Vandalism

    posted to Ideas on Wed 16th May 12

    A few weeks ago, my wife and I flew to Colorado to participate in an SCA event where we were teaching classes on medieval cooking, including a hands-on class at which we planned to actually cook several dishes. One required sourdough, so I put some in a small

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