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  • Return of Undergraduate Macro?

    posted to Alpha.Sources blog on Mon 7th Oct 13

    I apologise in advance for the headline but anyone familiar with academic economics will know that the IS/LM model is well and truly left behind after first year econ 1-0-1. Of course, Paul Krugman disagrees and since the financial crisis he has been championing

  • Yield Bubble Intact and Inflating

    posted to Alpha.Sources blog on Wed 4th Sep 13

    Emerging economies are reeling as rising US bond yields are squeezing the most vulnerable and funding intensive parts of the market. But the squeeze in EM yields is merely an hors d'oeuvre to what is likely waiting in the wings. Consequently, Bloomberg

  • In Bernanke we Trust

    posted to Alpha.Sources blog on Sat 18th May 13

    Do you feel it too … The air of complacency that has engulfed financial markets and policy makers in the last month. With inflation falling and even the spectre of deflation now returning as a market meme as well as stubbornly weak growth, more stimulus

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  • Links for 09-03-2012

    posted to Economist's View on Mon 3rd Sep 12

    Mitt Romney, Weaponized Keynesian - Paul KrugmanDrag from State and Local Governments - Calculated RiskA Citadel of High Economics Turns Fifty - Economic PrincipalsDrill, Baby, Drill as Fiscal Stimulus - pglEverybody Does It - Paul KrugmanMike Huckabee Lies

  • Links for 2012-03-05

    posted to Economist's View on Mon 5th Mar 12

    Microfoundations and the Speed of Model Development - mainly macroStimulus Denial, Part N - Paul KrugmanThe Changing Multiplier Since 1925... - Brad DeLongThe Wealth of Nations Turns 236 - Economic IncubatorWhat We Are Telling Ourselves ... - Economic PrincipalsHaugen's

  • Comment on Matthew Elderfield on Mortgages by paul quigley

    posted to Comments for The Irish Economy on Sun 4th Mar 12

    @ Colm Brazel Powerful analysis. It is a certainty with such a model that the euro will failIt has almost certainly already failed. is,