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  • Why US Financial Hegemony Will Endure

    posted to IPE at UNC on Tue 8th Oct 13

    Will and I have a piece, now ungated, over at a fantastic new online magazine called Symposium. Our article translates much of the main points of our Perspectives Piece (co-authored with Thomas and Andy Pennock) for popular consumption. We are also blogging

  • Foreign Direct Investment, Human Rights, INGOs

    posted to IPE at UNC on Tue 24th Sep 13

    One of the major areas of underdeveloped research within political science is the interaction between non-state actors. From an international political economy perspective, the literature has largely ignored the interaction of various non-state actors that

  • Verizon, Vodafone, and Measuring FDI

    posted to IPE at UNC on Wed 4th Sep 13

    Recently back from APSA in Chicago, I've been reflecting on the state of our knowledge about FDI (or perhaps more accurately, cross-border management stakes in enterprises). That, and working on my dissertation, applying for academic jobs, and teaching. Oh,

Most popular posts

  • Toddler Steps Towards An Ontology of Building Things

    posted to IPE at UNC on Fri 20th Jul 12

    I've been involved in comments to the previous post. In response to one I wrote this, in the form of a one-act play, but it got long so I thought I'd bring it up top. The point of the exercise, for me, is not to illustrate that the movement left is dumb or

  • Brad DeLong Versus Political Science: Grasping Narrative with Both Hands

    posted to IPE at UNC on Wed 20th Mar 13

    DeLong, in Democracy:If there was a single moment when Mitt Romney lost the 2012 presidential election, it was in May when he stood in front of the $50,000-a-plate audience at Sun Capital honcho Marc Leders home in Boca Raton and spoke his soon-to-be-infamous

  • There Is No Great Stagnation, Only Great Redistribution

    posted to IPE at UNC on Tue 7th Jun 11

    Tyler Cowen's The Great Stagnation has gotten a lot of attention for both its form and content. (I.e., there's more than a little irony in the fact that a book alleging that technological progress has markedly slowed was the first notable electronic-only book,

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