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  • Ten Ways to Move the Budget Back Toward a Sustainable Path

    posted to Jeff Frankels Weblog on Wed 2nd Dec 09

    The National Journal asks President Obama and his team said recently that the fiscal 2011 budget will represent a credible effort to reduce budget deficits and put the federal government on a path toward “sustainable” deficits How would you alter

  • The labor market has NOT yet signaled a turning point

    posted to Jeff Frankels Weblog on Mon 8th Jun 09

    The rate of decline in employment fell abruptly in May, according to the BLS figures released June 5, to about half the monthly rate of job loss recorded over the preceding six months (345,000 vs. 642,000). The news was received in a variety of ways. First,

  • Job Market Confirms End of Recession

    posted to Jeff Frankels Weblog on Mon 5th Apr 10

    The recession is over. The last piece has fallen into place, with the BLS announcement that employment rose in March.Identifying the beginnings and ends of recessions has been difficult in recent decades because the two most important indicators, output and

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