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  • Friday links: an ineffective tax

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Fri 4th Oct 13

    Quote of the dayJohn Authers, “This [closet indexing] is an effective tax on millions of investors, for no economic benefit, and helps pump up asset bubbles. It impedes capitalism and the efficient allocation of capital.” (FT)Chart of the dayThe

  • Sunday links: nobody cares edition

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Sun 9th Jun 13

    Quote of the dayRichard Bernstein, “The Standard & Poor’s 500 has outperformed emerging markets now for five years. Nobody cares, and it pains people to admit that the U.S. market has been outperforming.” (Barron’s)Chart of the dayIVV

  • Thursday links: cautious cash hoarding

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Thu 21st Mar 13

    Quote of the dayJohn Gapper, “It may give Mr Lipton apoplexy, but there is no harm in investors challenging executives and a board of directors if they are hoarding cash from caution or laziness.” (FT)Chart of the dayIs this as good as it gets liquidity-wise?