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  • Anything but water

    posted to Aguanomics on Thu 3rd Oct 13

    An entertaining clarification of the difference between Holland vs the NetherlandsCollege may be worth it, but I wish that people would see education as a goal, instead of just a means to money. In a related story, Wharton is putting first year MBA classes

  • Capitalism vs free markets

    posted to Stumbling and Mumbling on Fri 12th Dec 08

    Congress has - probably accidentally and temporarily - heeded the advice of free market economists and voted against bailing out auto makers. And stock markets have reacted badly.Which reminds us of an important fact - the interests of capitalists and a healthy

  • Blog Review 806

    posted to Adam Smith Institute Blog on Thu 11th Dec 08

    No, political corruption isn't that rare in the US: and as public choice theory tells us, we shouldn't expect it to be either.So what, exactly, do the unemployed do with their time? Certainly, not a lot of it is spent looking for a job.Explaining that Nobel