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  • Manning Found Not Guilty of Aiding the Enemy, Guilty on 20 of 22 Espionage Counts

    posted to naked capitalism on Tue 30th Jul 13

    By lambert strether.Readers, thoughts?AFP:FORT MEADE, Maryland A US military judge convicted Bradley Manning of espionage Tuesday, leaving him facing a lengthy jail term despite clearing him on the most serious charge that he ‘aided the enemy.’

  • Link 7/30/13

    posted to naked capitalism on Tue 30th Jul 13

    India Recognizes Dolphins as Non-Human Persons warp9, FiredoglakeAlzheimer’s blood test edges closer BBCScientists Seek to Rein In Diagnoses of Cancer New York TimesFinding Better Doctors by Tracking Prescribing Habits Patient Safety BlogApple investigates

  • Fiscal Crises: Coming To A City Near You?

    posted to naked capitalism on Tue 30th Jul 13

    By George DeMartino, and Ilene Grabel, Professors at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. Cross posted from TripleCrisisThis week Paul Krugman used his influential column in the New York Times (NYT) to draw comparisons between

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  • Curious Meeting at Treasury Department

    posted to naked capitalism on Tue 3rd Nov 09

    The Treasury invited a small group of bloggers for a “discussion” with senior officials on Monday. Initially, the meeting was to be background, which is a sort of journalistic “FYI but you can’t use it” but we were told at the

  • NY Fed Under Geithner Implicated in Lehman Accounting Fraud Allegation

    posted to naked capitalism on Fri 12th Mar 10

    Quite a few observers, including this blogger, have been stunned and frustrated at the refusal to investigate what was almost certain accounting fraud at Lehman. Despite the bankruptcy administrator’s effort to blame the gaping hole in Lehman’s

  • Geithner Bank Bailout Plan: Fiasco

    posted to naked capitalism on Tue 10th Feb 09

    That one word assessment of the Geithner plan, as previewed in the New York Times tonight, comes from reader Scott, and is good enough to print. I am so disgusted with this entire proceeding that I am going to dispatch it quickly.Let's start with the basics.

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  • Government Caught Lying About Spying Again

    posted to The Big Picture on Sun 6th Oct 13

    Government Lies About Spying Again and Again Heres Whats REALLY Going OnGovernment Officials Fail Honesty Standards of 12 Year OldsGovernment leaders have been caught in lie after lie about spying but keep on spouting new lies:The heads of the intelligence

  • Cheat Sheet on Inequality

    posted to The Big Picture on Sat 28th Sep 13

    The Stunning Truth About Inequality In America Talk about inequality has been in the news recently, but you wont believe whats really happening in America today:Inequality in America today is twice as bad as in ancient Rome, worse than it was in in Tsarist

  • New NSA Revelations Are Breaking Every Day

    posted to The Big Picture on Tue 24th Sep 13

    Spy Agencies Are Doing WHAT?Revelations about the breathtaking scope of government spying are coming so fast that its time for an updated roundup:The government is spying on essentially everything we do. It is not just metadata although that is enough to destroy