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  • Marathon

    posted to Angry Bear on Tue 16th Apr 13

    I posted all I can say publicly at Skippy. And even that wouldn't work at a family blog like this one. The rest are jokes that I am told--undoubtedly correctly, but lapsed traders are difficult to retrain*--are "too soon." The Phantom Scribbler came out

  • Farm subsidies and entrenched wealth

    posted to Angry Bear on Tue 16th Apr 13

    Lynne Kiesling writes Farm subsidies and entrenched wealth at Knowledge Problem:Veronique de Rugy has a great argument for ending farm subsidies in the April issue of Reason (and yes, do read the whole thing, well worth your time). Farm subsidies are the canonical

  • Migration will be Wed. early morning.

    posted to Angry Bear on Tue 16th Apr 13

    After taking care of some technical stuff, MEV thought it best to migrate during slower traffic time than this afternoon's faster pace.

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  • Speaking of inequality

    posted to Angry Bear on Wed 27th Mar 13

    Travis Waldron at Think Progress pointed out this excellent article by David Cay Johnston. It dovetails well with my last post, which showed the fall of individual real wages and their failure to regain their peak fully 40 years after it was reached. Johnston

  • What is Happening Here in Italy

    posted to Angry Bear on Tue 26th Feb 13

    I guess I have to report. I'm going to start with new news from tomorrows paper (La Repubblica the least awful Italian newspaper). The election left a mess with no clear majority in the Senate (the prime minister must have the confidence of both the Senate

  • More on the adaptive inflation expectations hypothesis

    posted to Angry Bear on Mon 25th Feb 13

    This post will be long, fairly wonky, and confused.  I am typing, because I just have  to stop playing with FRED and write something.   My claim is that expected inflation over the next 5 (and 10 and 20) years is very similar to actual inflation

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    posted to Economist's View on Thu 28th Mar 13

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  • Links for 02-27-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Wed 27th Feb 13

    Dependents of the State - NYTThe Sullied Media Model - DigitopolyRepublicans Must Bridge the Income Gap - Sheila BairDove or Hawk? Bernanke's record - Antonio FatasWhat is Happening Here in Italy - Angry BearThe ideal of objectivity - Scientific AmericanThe

  • Links for 02-26-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Tue 26th Feb 13

    The Economy and Fed Policy: Follow the Demand - FRBSFThe Macroeconomic Effects of Forward Guidance - Liberty Street Yen Depreciation and the Scope for Expenditure Switching - EconbrowserIs U.S. Fiscal Policy Near the Tipping Point? - EconoSpeakWhy is the luxury