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  • A New Look at Endowment Investing

    posted to The Aleph Blog on Sun 6th Oct 13

    I’ve written at least two significant pieces on endowment investing:Alternative Investments, Illiquidity, and Endowment ManagementThe Forever FundOh, toss in one more: Managing Illiquid AssetsRecently, Cathleen M. Rittereiser, Founder of Uncorrelated,

  • With Jeremy Siegel at CFA Institute Baltimore

    posted to The Aleph Blog on Sun 6th Oct 13

    At the CFA Institute at Baltimore, we had the pleasure of having Jeremy Siegel come speak to us this past Thursday. He was lively, engaging, and utterly convinced of his theses. Thanks to Wisdom Tree for helping fund the endeavor.He openly asked us to poke

  • Sorted Weekly Tweets

    posted to The Aleph Blog on Sat 5th Oct 13

    US Government Shutdown To Lead Is to Negotiate Elements of an interview w/James Baker describing Reagan the pragmatic dealmaker $$ Oct 04, 2013Pig Sales Fly Blind as Data Cut by Shutdown Hampers Firms Guess

Most popular posts

  • Two Years at the Aleph Blog. Time for a Change.

    posted to The Aleph Blog on Tue 24th Feb 09

    What a year. If the first year of this blog wasn’t exciting enough, year two was enough to make your heart flutter. What have we seen in year two?The demise of Bear, Lehman, AIG, Fannie, Freddie, and more.The near-demise of Citi, Bank of America, and

  • Break up AIG!

    posted to The Aleph Blog on Tue 20th May 08

    I worked for AIG for three years of my life 1989-1992. In general, though I learned a ton while working there, I did not like the experience. As my boss at Provident Mutual said to me, “My greatest doubt about you was that you survived there for three

  • A Social View of the FOMC

    posted to The Aleph Blog on Tue 18th Mar 08

    Ive put together a PDF file that summarizes the current Federal Open Market Committee. My objective in this exercise is provide a handy way of getting data on the various Members of the Federal Open Market Committee. It was also a way for me to better understand

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  • A Simple Policy Program for Macroeconomic Resilience

    posted to Macroeconomic Resilience on Wed 5th Oct 11

    The core logic behind my critique of macroeconomic stabilisation is that stability (and stabilisation) breeds systemic fragility. But this does not imply an opposition to all macroeconomic intervention, especially in a scenario when past stabilisation has left

  • Links 3/25/10

    posted to naked capitalism on Thu 25th Mar 10

    DNA identifies new ancient human dubbed ‘X-woman’ BBCMetro Motivation: GM Envisions Networked Mini Cars for City Streets Scientific AmericanBehind Consumer Agency Idea, a Tireless Advocate New York TimesTop Fed Official Says Megabanks Need To Shrink

  • Links 3/23/10

    posted to naked capitalism on Tue 23rd Mar 10

    Merkel Takes on the EU and Her Own Finance Minister Der Spiegel (hat tip reader Swedish Lex)Rifts Widen on Greece Rescue Wall Street Journal and European Disunion New York TimesMerkel’s 5-point plan to save her faltering coalition: Refusing to help Greece