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  • Quotation of the Day

    posted to Cafe Hayek on Thu 3rd Oct 13

    … is from page 185 of Jim Buchanan‘s 1990 essay “Socialism Is Dead but Leviathan Lives On,” which is reprinted involume 1 ofTheCollected Works of James M. Buchanan:The Logical Foundations of Constitutional Liberty:When the very elementary

  • Some Links

    posted to Cafe Hayek on Wed 25th Sep 13

    More wisdom from my GMU Econ colleague – and EconLog blogger – Bryan Caplan. Here’s a slice:Governments rely on indirect coercion because direct coercion seems brutal, unfair, and wrong. If the typical American saw the police bust down astranger‘s

  • Is Krugman Friedman?

    posted to Cafe Hayek on Fri 20th Sep 13

    At yesterday’s panel discussion on GMU’s Fairfax campus – “Why Is There No Milton Friedman Today?” – my colleague Tyler Cowen argued that thereis a Friedman today, and his name is Paul Krugman. Of course, Tyler knows that