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  • Macro-Markets Risk Index: 8.7% | 10.8.2013

    posted to The Capital Spectator on Tue 8th Oct 13

    What's the economic fallout from the ongoing budget battle in Washington? Its hard to say at this point, although there are signs that the macro trend is wilting, according to a markets-based profile of US economic conditions. The Macro-Markets Risk Index (MMRI)

  • Asset Allocation & Rebalancing Review | 7 Oct 2013

    posted to The Capital Spectator on Mon 7th Oct 13

    The federal governments partial shutdown is no closer to resolution, but so far the markets are shrugging off Washingtons fiscal stalemate. It remains to be seen if the indifference will endure if the deadlock in Congress continues and the threat of a self-inflicted

  • Book Bits | 10.05.13

    posted to The Capital Spectator on Sat 5th Oct 13

    The Fall of the Euro: Reinventing the Eurozone and the Future of Global Investing By Jens Nordvig Summary via publisher, McGraw-Hill The euro started out with great promise, but it has seen major problems in the last few years. What will happen if Germany decides

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    posted to The Capital Spectator on Wed 23rd Apr 08

    Has the maximum point of stress in the capital markets passed? There's no one measure for answering the question. In fact, there's no convincing answer short of letting time pass. But for those looking for a bit of perspective in real time, among the worthy


    posted to The Capital Spectator on Fri 13th Jun 08

    These are strange days in the global capital and commodity markets. The macroeconomic terrain isn't quite familiar either. No wonder, then, that central banking isn't quite itself either. The weird aura is second to none in these United States, where the Federal


    posted to The Capital Spectator on Tue 10th Jun 08

    The idea that smaller companies can potentially generate bigger rewards is an old one, although it's forever new in creating hope. In 1981, Rolf Banz formally introduced the concept of a small-cap risk premium into the academic literature. For the 43 years

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  • Easy as it goes

    posted to SCSUScholars on Fri 13th Jun 08

    Despite my quasi-skepticism over the current state of the economy, I highly doubt we will see an increase in interest rates, and particularly after today's CPI report. I do not find the report alarming, even if a 0.6% headline rate of increase will still focus

  • Tuesday links: uncommoditized apples

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Tue 10th Jun 08

    The phrase ‘brain-dead CEOs‘ has a whole other meaning now. CEOs no longer need to be alive to earn big bucks from their employers. ( credit exposures do the big banks still have? (Big Picture)“Central banks are committed to backstopping

  • Thursday links: trading problems

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Thu 5th Jun 08

    Round up the usual suspects…Who might buy Lehman Bros. (LEH)? (Market Movers)“David Einhorn, the high-profile principal of Greenlight Capital, the hedge fund manager, said Lehman was his biggest short position.” ( happened to