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  • Anything but water

    posted to Aguanomics on Wed 25th Apr 12

    Watch this 5 minute video on price gouging, why it should be legal and why it's probably moral.Some thoughts on the transition to a sustainable economy [PDF]. I agree with most.Good April Fools post on Ethical ethanolLong, interesting blog post comparing private

  • MNs Costly Northstar Commuter Rail Subsidies

    posted to Out of Control on Mon 4th Apr 11

    This morning David Levinson, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota, posted a detailed criticism (available here) of the Northstar Commuter Rail in Minnesota (via Marc Scribner).He highlights three increasingly

  • High-Speed Rail and CO2

    posted to Freakonomics on Fri 24th Jul 09

    One of the less-publicized components of the stimulus package was an $8 billion commitment to develop a high-speed rail (HSR) network in America. This is no more than a down payment, given the very large sums needed to build HSR (University of Minnesota transportation