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  • Drumbeat: July 15, 2013

    posted to The Oil Drum - Discussions about Energy and Our Future on Mon 15th Jul 13

    The receding threat from 'peak oil'Mr Halff told BBC News that concerns about an approaching "peak" in oil production have been "moved to the back burner". "Just a few years ago, everybody thought US production was in permanent decline, that the nation had

  • Spared by climate change: The 10 best cities to ride out hot times

    posted to Gristmill on Fri 24th May 13

    Susie Cagle Yesterday, we brought you our remarkably unscientific (seriously, it was written by this guy) list of the 10 cities most likely to get hammered by climate change. Today, we thought wed give you the bright side, such as it is: the 10 towns to which

  • Assorted links

    posted to Marginal Revolution on Wed 22nd May 13

    1. More from Ryan Avent on liquidity leaks.2. Why many Germans wish to keep their small denomination coins.3. Applied lessons from the Joplin tornado, and the same authors on the lessons from Soviet sports and chess dominance.4. Quick quiz: did this help Spain