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  • Will European Peripheral Sovereigns be Monetized?

    posted to Winter (Economic & Market) Watch on Tue 26th Jun 12

    Spain is not Uganda. Spanish PM RajoyUganda does not want to be Spain. Uganda Foreign MinisterTheECB has settledno sovereign bond purchases under its SMP last week, the program is now nearing 5-months of inactivity.Pressures are building on Germans to allow

  • The Fiscal Cliff

    posted to Winter (Economic & Market) Watch on Wed 18th Apr 12

    Much of the government borrow, spend and transferlargessis scheduled to run off automatically without a major legislative effort to extend them. In otherwords what is now required is going to be a bipartisan effort to deliberately budget another FY 2013 trillion

  • Stick it to the Local Issued Bond Holders

    posted to Winter (Economic & Market) Watch on Tue 24th Jan 12

    At Zero Hedge there is a very verbosebut remarkable poston the issue ofsubordination and the motivation of hedge fund holders of non-local bonds to stick up (called blocking) the process and, in fact, go the legal route on debt defaults. He cites historical

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  • Links 6/27/12

    posted to naked capitalism on Wed 27th Jun 12

    Dear readers, our Matt Stoller is a writing for and performing in (as a straight man, natch) a new comedy show on FX starring Russell Brand. It’s called Brand X and starts June 28th at 11 PM Eastern. Although I’m not privy to details, I believe

  • Will the Fiscal Cliff Eat the Recovery, Such as It Is?

    posted to naked capitalism on Fri 27th Apr 12

    Lately, the US has been winning the investment beauty contest among Cinderella’s ugly sisters. Europe’s addiction to austerity, rolling rescues, and inability to address internal imbalances means at best a wild ride and at worst a crisis resurgence.

  • Comment on The ESM Treaty and PSI by Viator

    posted to Comments for The Irish Economy on Sat 4th Feb 12

    The source is here which includes zerohedge and Bloomberg. (also includes a rundown on zerohedge) is another article from zerohedge. Included is a screen shot from Bloomberg. “Away from Portugal,