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  • Links 5/29/10

    posted to naked capitalism on Sat 29th May 10

    San Jose union begins organizing pot workers SF Gate (hat tip reader John D)Out-of-office reply: got the message? Tyler Brl, Financial Times. I suspect quite a few readers will take issue with this. And Brl also ignores the fact that there are places short

  • Links 3/13/10

    posted to naked capitalism on Sat 13th Mar 10

    A Game of Tag Breaks Out Between London’s Graffiti Elite Wall Street Journal (hat tip reader Lance)Climate linked to smaller birds BBCThe Dollar, the Deficit, and Accounting Identities Dean BakerFragile riches Rolfe WinklerCSI Lehman-Barclays: Who Really

  • Links 12/2/09

    posted to naked capitalism on Wed 2nd Dec 09

    ‘Global surge’ in rhino poaching BBCLive Whiskey-Blogging the President’s Latest Most Importantest Speech of the Millennium The Rude PunditEquities Lost Decade EconomPic DataModeration in War is Imbecility Streetwise ProfessorSprint’s