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  • Walter Block vs. Stephen Kirchner

    posted to Mises Economics Blog on Wed 9th Oct 13

    Here I debate Monetarist Stephen Kirchner at a Mises event in Australia. The debate was scheduled to be on the business cycle. However we also debated Misess views, Rothbards views, Milton Friedmans views, The Federal Reserve and much more!

  • Thinking Is Research, Too!

    posted to Mises Economics Blog on Wed 9th Oct 13

    Bill Parker, an old friend of mine who died in 2000, was director of graduate studies in economics at Yale for thirteen years. He told me once about his struggles with his colleagues, who, he believed, were spending too much time on technique and not enough

  • Mises Dailies in Spanish

    posted to Mises Economics Blog on Tue 8th Oct 13

    For those who are unfamiliar with the site, Instituto Mises Hispano makes a selection of Mises Daily articles available in Spanish. For example, there is this one by Mark Thornton:Solo la teora austriaca puede explicar y exponer auges y burbujasEn 2004 escrib

Most popular posts

  • Sudha Shenoy, 1943-2008

    posted to Mises Economics Blog on Wed 4th Jun 08

    We are all very saddened to hear that Professor Sudha Shenoy of the University of Newcastle died yesterday (a blog notice here). She was a long-time associate of the work of the Mises Institute, and was scheduled to give a week-long series of lectures on F.A.

  • The Bogus "Credit Crunch"

    posted to Mises Economics Blog on Fri 24th Oct 08

    For months Alex Tabarrok has being doing a great job yelling to all the world that this "credit crunch" is bogus. What's hilarious is that even his critics--see this post by Mark Thoma--rely on evidence that actually proves Alex's case. I summarize the relevant

  • What Credit Crunch?

    posted to Mises Economics Blog on Fri 12th Dec 08

    Robert Murphy and Robert Higgs have said this for months, but Reuters is joining in to point out that, whoopshe credit crunch is not nearly as severe as the U.S. authorities appear to believe and public data actually suggest world credit markets are functioning

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