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  • Some Econ Grad School Advice

    posted to Twenty-Cent Paradigms on Sun 29th Sep 13

    Miles Kimball (Michigan) and Noah Smith (a recent Michigan PhD who's at Stony Brook) offer a useful "complete guide to getting into an Economics PhD program."  Michigan's Jeff Smith comments on it.  I generally agree, and like J. Smith, I have a slight

  • The Publishing Game

    posted to Twenty-Cent Paradigms on Thu 12th Sep 13

    Although I generally feel quite fortunate to be an academic economist, in my grumpier moods I might complain that the business of getting papers published in academic journals (which is the basis for how we're judged as scholars) can feel like a bit of a game

  • On the Yellen Bandwagon

    posted to Twenty-Cent Paradigms on Tue 10th Sep 13

    The quasi-campaign for the next Federal Reserve chair continues... Heidi Hartmann and Joyce Jacobsen (my office neighbor) have organized an open letter from economists in support of Janet Yellen, which concludes:[W]e believe that Janet Yellen is an extremely

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  • From 'The Economic Consequences of Mr. Churchill'

    posted to Twenty-Cent Paradigms on Tue 29th Jan 13

    J.M. Keynes, "The Economic Consequences of Mr. Churchill" (1925):The truth is that we stand mid-way between two theories of economic society.  The one theory maintains that wages should be fixed by reference to what is "fair" and "reasonable" as between

  • Dark Matter: A Quick Revisit

    posted to Twenty-Cent Paradigms on Thu 29th Nov 12

    Back in the days before the 2007-8 financial crisis, one of the big sources of anxiety among (some of us) macroeconomists was the US current account deficit, a measure of how much the US was borrowing from the rest of the world each year.After running deficits

  • Economic Pessimism in Historical Perspective

    posted to Twenty-Cent Paradigms on Sun 10th Jun 12

    US industrial production (log scale), 1790-2011: From Davis, QJE 2004 (1790-1915); Miron and Romer, JEH 1990 (1916-1918); Federal Reserve, 1919-2011.J.M. Keynes (Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren, 1930):The prevailing world depression, the enormous

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  • Suddenly, everything is different

    posted to The New Arthurian Economics on Fri 9th Aug 13

    Bill C reviews the new revisions to GDP at Twenty-Cent Paradigms:The interesting thing in the release was not the second-quarter numbers, but rather the "comprehensive revision" of all the past data that came with it. The BEA does this about every 5 years to

  • Links for 05-10-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Fri 10th May 13

    LOLCat Sez - Brad DeLongStop the Plunder of Africa - Kofi AnnanFeds Evans: Low Inflation to Persist for Years - WSJMore on the Roots of Bernanke Hatred - Paul KrugmanSenate did the right thing--will the House? - ataxingmatterPro-Inflation Policies Show Signs

  • David Stockman and Dark Matter

    posted to EconoSpeak on Thu 4th Apr 13

    Paul Krugman has more on the rant by David Stockman: Well, the $8 trillion number is right. But while it may be EIGHT TRILLION DOLLARS, thats a cumulative deficit (which began in the 80s, by the way, not the 70s) of only half of this years GDP. And if you know