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  • Keynesians, Remember: Tax Policy Is Fiscal Policy

    posted to Incentives Matter on Wed 12th Jun 13

    According to an AER article by Correia, Farhi, Nicolini and Teles: When the zero lower bound on nominal interest rates binds, monetary policy cannot provide appropriate stimulus. We show that, in the standard New Keynesian model, tax policy can deliver such

  • Jeffrey Tucker on the Character of Edward Snowden

    posted to Incentives Matter on Wed 12th Jun 13

    Jeffrey Tucker writes an interesting article in The Freeman about the important role played by people like Edward Snowden in the defense of freedom. This Orwellian statement by Snowden is particularly significant: You can't come forward against the world's

  • The Bastiat in a 7-Year-Old Boy

    posted to Incentives Matter on Tue 4th Jun 13

    Conversation with my son Arnaud, age 7, last Sunday during lunch: Me: "You know son, there's this great French economist Bastiat, he writes some cool stories, I think you'd enjoy reading his books." Arnaud: "Oh yeah?" Me: "Yes, kind of like Aesop fables [which

Most popular posts

  • Government Failure: Why Are Bankers Reckless?

    posted to Incentives Matter on Wed 13th Jan 10

    A popular answer to the question above based on political populism and inept moralism is: "because they're greedy." As an explanation it's as sophomoric as saying that airplanes crash because of the force of gravity, but apparently it gets some people elected.University

  • 7th Art: The Invention of Lying (2009)

    posted to Incentives Matter on Sun 4th Oct 09

    Ricky Gervais is superb in "The Invention of Lying" (2009), an unpretentious but inspired and creative one-man show that, despite its light-handed exploration of the subject, will keep you thinking about the feasibility and desirability of a society where nobody

  • Tol on the Economic Effects of Climate Change

    posted to Incentives Matter on Wed 20th May 09

    The last JEP has an interesting survey article by Richard Tol on the economic effects of climate change. In his own words (italics are mine):Only 14 estimates of the total damage cost of climate change have been published, a research effort that is in sharp

Latest posts linking here

  • The Invention of Lying and discount rates

    posted to David Karp's Blog on Wed 10th Feb 10

    I recently rented The Invention of Lying. I was pleasantly surprised: the scriptwriter must have been an economist at heart because the comedy was loaded with undertones of incentives and game theory.Spoiler alert: I'm going to give away details of the movie

  • Greed is like gravity

    posted to SCSUScholars on Thu 14th Jan 10

    Pedro Albuquerque is an economist at the University of Minnesota at Duluth and has a blog I've started to read regularly. A Brazilian, he's already been blogging for two years -- I feel bad I missed him before now. This piece is very interesting, on banker

  • Assorted links

    posted to Marginal Revolution on Thu 28th May 09

    1. Via Chug, what does Kindle bandwidth cost?2. Did John Taylor forget about compound interest?3. Survey article on the economic effects of climate change.4. Double suicide.5. Rewards for weight loss don't work; would penalties for failure do better?