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  • The Summers/Yellen Shoot-Out

    posted to Bob McTeer's Blog on Sun 15th Sep 13

    Okay. So, I was just writing a sentence or two for a Monday morning briefing commenting on the bizarre public debate over the Summers-Yellen contest for Fed Chairman when news came over the wires (so to speak) that Summers had dropped out. Oh my!I dont know

  • Reserve Currency StatusA Mixed Blessing

    posted to Bob McTeer's Blog on Thu 5th Sep 13

    I was recently invited to give a talk in China on the topic of reserve currency status for the Chinese currency, the Reminbi or Yuan. I had to decline, but the invitation got me thinking about what I might have said in such a speech. The predominate thought

  • Just Shoot Up Here Amongst Us Tall Tales Revisited

    posted to Bob McTeer's Blog on Fri 30th Aug 13

    The late, great, country comedian, Jerry Clower, spun some funny yarns in his day. My favorite was his coon huntin story. Long story short, Jerry and his buddy went on a night coon hunt with a neighbor, Mr. Barron, and his hired hand, John Eubanks. John was

Most popular posts

  • The Fed Has Not Been Printing Boatloads of Money

    posted to Bob McTeer's Blog on Thu 21st Mar 13

    As I listen to commentary on cable TV about the Feds quantitative easing, I find it amazing that people smarter than I, as well as better trained and more knowledgeable about many things, keep making the same mistake they have made for the past three or four

  • Are Budget Deficits Inflationary?

    posted to Bob McTeer's Blog on Wed 2nd Sep 09

    When I was in graduate school in the olden days (1960s), Professor Waller hired me as his grader in his money and banking and monetary policy classes. At first, he limited my chores to multiple-choice and true-false questions, but he gradually trusted me with

  • Employment and Unemployment: The Razors Edge

    posted to Bob McTeer's Blog on Thu 6th Aug 09

    My local newspaper this morning showed a picture of a guy standing in a line of job seekers at a Career Expo. He had his cap on backwards.If, in the unlikely event, he were contacted for the household survey of employment, they would ask him if he had a job.

Latest posts linking here

  • Weighing the Week Ahead: How Will Markets Digest the New Fed Message?

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Sun 23rd Jun 13

    We have the first reaction to the FOMC announcement and the Bernanke press conference, but there is more to come. Sometimes there is a compelling story line, and the financial media will not let go. This is such a time. Every twist and turn of the market is

  • Weighing the Week Ahead: Interpreting Mixed Signals

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Sun 21st Apr 13

    The daily news from financial markets is often merely a footnote to events. Last week this was truer than ever. If you are a market professional it is your job to consider the effect of any event. The individual investor should have a different attitude. My

  • Just Where Is That Inflation Again?

    posted to The Bonddad Blog on Tue 26th Mar 13

    First, a big tip of the hat to Bob McTeer's Economic Policy Blog for providing the original inspiration for this post.  The following is essentially an expansion on the previously linked post.For the last four years, there has been a continual call from