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  • Thank You All!

    posted to The Big Picture on Wed 9th Oct 13

    Back home after an incredibly long and fulfilling day. The Big Picture conference was a terrific and informative day — the panels and speakers were top notch, the crowd was great. I cannot begin to thank my team enough for the superb job they did. Over

  • TBP Conference is Here! Live Stream Available

    posted to The Big Picture on Tue 8th Oct 13

      This year, The 5th Annual Big Picture Conference will be available via Live Stream on Purchase the Live Stream and you can see it all day today plus have the ability to view the panels and presentations for the next 60 days.  See

  • 10 Monday PM Reads

    posted to The Big Picture on Mon 7th Oct 13

    My afternoon reading: The 106 Finance People You Have To Follow On Twitter (Business Insider) How to Look Under a Hedge Fund’s Hood (WSJ) 3 ways Twitter’s IPO won’t be like Facebook’s (Fortune) The Business End of Obamacare (The New

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  • Giving Away Content

    posted to The Big Picture on Mon 7th Apr 08

    I have been wrestling with an issue for some time now, and I am unsure of the best solution. Perhaps you fine folks can provide some insight. About a year ago -- and, after considerable reluctance -- I allowed Seeking Alpha to reproduce my content on their

  • Two Dollars !

    posted to The Big Picture on Sun 16th Mar 08

    Bear Stearns Cos. reached an agreement to sell itself to J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., as worries grew that failing to find a buyer for the beleaguered investment bank could cause the crisis of confidence gripping Wall Street to worsen.The deal calls for J.P.

  • Trouble in the Hamptons?

    posted to The Big Picture on Mon 26th May 08

    Hope you had a relaxing 3 day weekend. Mine was filled with disturbing signs of economic malaise. (How about yours?) Granted, these are all anecdotal, and possibly explainable by  other factors, but -- you be the judge: We headed out east Saturday with

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  • Links for 06-16-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Sun 16th Jun 13

    Worthwhile Canadian Comparison - Paul KrugmanDont Blame the Work Force - NYTWhy I am a fiscalist - NoahpinionThe Not-So-Good Old Days - NYTSaving Abenomics: No Time for Cold Feet on QE - Joe GagnonHigher government wages may reduce corruption - Vox EUYoung

  • Links for 04-27-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Sat 27th Apr 13

    When NGDP targets are (not) optimal - mainly macroDid sequestration cause weak Q1 GDP? - Money SupplyThe Morose Middle Class - Charles BlowChinese leaders worried about financial risks - FT AlphavilleThe Medium Term Is Not The Message - Paul KrugmanThere Are

  • Wednesday links: chasing rainbows

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Wed 17th Apr 13

    If you havent done it already think about signing up for our daily e-mail, thousands of other Abnormal Returns readers already have.Quote of the dayDan Solin, “If you are relying on his [Cramer's] advice, you are chasing rainbows.” (Huffington Post)Chart