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  • People like me in Thailand

    posted to Bronte Capital on Thu 20th May 10

    This post is motivated by my local dead-tree (the Sydney Morning Herald) wasting good column-inches on Kriangsak Kittichaisaree the Thai Ambassador to Australia. Once upon a time I unfortunately purchased a stake in Bangkok Bank. The bank a survivor from the

  • Richemont: waiting for the bullet

    posted to Bronte Capital on Fri 3rd Aug 12

    At my hedge fund we usually short frauds. Stuff with dodgy accounts and dodgy prospects promoted by people who would be car salesmen if stock promotion were less lucrative. But sometimes, just sometimes we find ourselves aching to short a real company with

  • Thoughts on the Berkshire meeting and a comment on long term care reinsurnace

    posted to Bronte Capital on Sun 6th May 12

    I am in Omaha and have just been to the Warren and Charlie show. It has been on my "to do" list for my whole adult life and I am strangely disappointed. It is of course blasphemous to be disappointed in Charlie and Warren. These octogenarians could teach me

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  • Links 8/4/12

    posted to naked capitalism on Sat 4th Aug 12

    Hero Chihuahua Finds Missing Girls in the Woods Care2 (furzy mouse). I may have to revise my opinion of chichuahuas. Cripes, get him off me! Dog becomes unlikely friend to white lion cub rejected by its mother – but it’s a test of patience! Daily

  • Links 5/6/12

    posted to naked capitalism on Sun 6th May 12

    Reminder: Your humble blogger is trying to get off the vampire shift. That will likely mean fewer posts by yours truly and/or thinner Links over the next few days. Please be patient.Also, Lambert is taking a day off from his horserace coverage. I anticipate

  • Links Leap Year Day

    posted to naked capitalism on Wed 29th Feb 12

    I wonder at what age people born on February 29 decide that having a real birthday only one year in four is no biggie.New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America Independent (hat tip Lambert)Google offers 1 million dollars to Chrome