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  • Tweeting Curriculum Night

    posted to Game Theorist on Fri 20th Sep 13

    It is that time of year again where parents are invited to their school's curriculum nights. This is when they are told what the learning plan is for their kids. I have gone to these for years but I must admit I can't be bothered any more. I just don't really

  • Is there any point to preventing your child from being digitally recognised?

    posted to Game Theorist on Wed 4th Sep 13

    In Slate, Amy Webb proudly describes the fact that they have kept all pictures and information about their daughter offline. The reason is: option value. They want their daughter to choose her online identity.Shell have the opportunity to start cashing in parts

  • What to expect from an expecting economist

    posted to Game Theorist on Thu 22nd Aug 13

    It is not every day that a new book about parenting comes out from an academic economist. This time around, however, the book was not about parenting but pre-parenting. Emily Oster, a University of Chicago Booth School economics professor, became obsessed with

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  • Parentonomics. For kids?

    posted to Game Theorist on Mon 14th Mar 11

    That was the title of an email I received this morning from Austin Frakt, an economics professor at BU:Reading your book, Parentonomics, now. Where appropriate for my 3.5 &a 6.5 year olds I read them lightly edited passages. They love it! They can relate

  • The circular flow of candy

    posted to Game Theorist on Tue 2nd Nov 10

    This weekend was a busy one for the Gans children. On Saturday, I took Child No.1 and Child No.2 to Washington DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity. It was Child No.1's birthday present and you can read my thoughts about the event here. The children absolutely

  • Lose the Game

    posted to Game Theorist on Fri 10th Sep 10

    What would you do if you were Prime Minister and found out that millions of school children in another country had developed a Game in which you were a key player? Would you ignore it or would you engage with it if only to boost how those children think of

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  • Parentonomics

    posted to The Incidental Economist (Posts) on Sun 13th Mar 11

    I’m reading Joshua Gans’ book Parentonomics: An Economist Dad Looks at Parenting. In fact, I’m reading some of it to my kids, which is, apparently a novel use. I emailed Gans about just that and he posted about it on his blog. Take a look.It

  • An economist on Halloween

    posted to The Incidental Economist (Posts) on Tue 2nd Nov 10

    If it were really only about the candy then Joshua Gans nails it:I have to say that, as an economist, this entire evening is a curious one. Let us be clear what happened. We all bought bags of candy. We then gave it out while sending our own children to collect

  • Sordid Links

    posted to Cheap Talk on Fri 10th Sep 10

    Stark County, Ohio.I lost the game.Auto-tune your voicemails.Classically conditioning your roomie.Sartre’s facebook Wall.First ever commercial for a marijuana dispensary. (The real humor here is that you are first forced to watch an ad for “Spiriva”