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  • Henderson on Mulligan's Redistribution Recession, by David Henderson

    posted to EconLog on Tue 2nd Apr 13

    Casey Mulligan's cleverly titled book, The Redistribution Recession, could have been one of the most important economics books in 2012. It makes the case that a major reason U.S. employment has been so low is that during the recent recession, the welfare state

  • The Year in Review II: Yet More Fantastical Pseudo Economics

    posted to Econbrowser on Sat 29th Dec 12

    Time to emulate the medias "year in review" pieces, with my own take on the most outrageous, nonsensical assertions presented in the guise of analysis. Here are my ten most hilariously deluded excursions into the fantasy world from my postings to Econbrowser.

  • Mulligan and Laffer

    posted to Economist's View on Thu 26th Jul 12

    Casey Mulligan says that trying to help the poor "had the unintended consequence of deepening-if not causing-the recession." There was a financial crisis, but that wasn't the problem according to his story, and it wasn't the decline in housing wealth.