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  • Marxism, freedom & the Cold War

    posted to Stumbling and Mumbling on Thu 3rd Oct 13

    Ben Brogan's claim that Ralph Miliband was on the wrong side of "the struggle between freedom and communism" has been rebutted by Norm. There's more to add.First, the attempt by the right - we can add Douglas Murray - to identify Marxists with Soviet

  • 20130925 Links: Germany's economic model, China's urbanization, U.S. corporate profits

    posted to EconWeekly on Wed 25th Sep 13

    1. Martin Wolf (FT) and Evans-Pritchard (The Telegraph), railing against Wolfgang Schuble and Germany's wrong-headed virtuous model. (Evanst-Pritchard's rant is quite colorful.) Wolfgang Mnchau looks at the implications of Merkel's victory for European

  • The scandal of the austerity deception

    posted to mainly macro on Mon 23rd Sep 13

    I have been on holiday somewhere with understandably limited internet access, so I missed this post from assistant editor of the Daily Telegraph, Jeremy Warner. Forget most of the text, which comments on some recent posts by Paul Krugman and myself, and head