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  • Is Ireland a tax haven? Lets ask investors

    posted to Ronan Lyons on Thu 8th Mar 12

    Over the last few days, there has been a lively debate on Ireland’s corporate tax affairs. It all started when Stephen Kinsella declared Lets say it out loud: Ireland is a tax haven. Stephen pointed to this not to make the case that we should change our

  • Overcoming our shyness, or how education could be a 4bn export business

    posted to Ronan Lyons on Tue 28th Sep 10

    Last week, the Irish government announced “Investing in Global Relationships – Ireland’s International Education Strategy, 2010-2015“, or a “plan to lure international students“, as RTE so attractively put it. The plan has

  • The transformation of private debt into public debt

    posted to Stephen Kinsella, Ph.D on Thu 2nd Sep 10

    Ireland has guaranteed the assets and liabilities of a large part of its banking system. Parts of this banking system are, to use a technical term, dead. That is, these parts of the banking system will no longer provide credit (for a profit) to the real economy