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  • Sunday links: everythings an experiment

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Sun 6th Oct 13

    Quote of the dayMig Reyes, “When everythings an experiment, you shed the fear that comes with trying new things. Andthatsounds like a better way to grow and learn.” (37signals)Chart of the dayA sign that investors are getting way too bullish. (StockCharts

  • Monday links: promoting low-cost investing

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Mon 30th Sep 13

    Quote of the dayRick Ferri, “Mr. Bogle may have issues with people who trade ETFs, but there is no question that this product has help promote his investment philosophy over the years.” (Rick Ferri)Chart of the dayShould investors still own bonds

  • Sunday links: returns not guaranteed

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Sun 29th Sep 13

    Quote of the dayIvanhoff, “The outcome of your investment depends on the price you pay for it and on the price other people will be willing to pay for it in the future. There are no guarantees that if one company keeps growing its sales and earnings,