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  • Ryan's Deal

    posted to The Future of Capitalism :: Writings on Tue 8th Oct 13

    The chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan, has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal outlining a proposed deal with President Obama: "Here are just a few ideas to get the conversation started. We could ask the better off to pay higher premiums

  • Shutdown's Upside

    posted to The Future of Capitalism :: Writings on Tue 8th Oct 13

    The government "shutdown" is starting to look a lot like the sequester a lot of warnings about what a disaster it will be, followed by the discovery that life goes on. That's the topic of my column this week, which expresses the hope that the shutdown

  • JFK, Conservative, One Week Until Publication

    posted to The Future of Capitalism :: Writings on Tue 8th Oct 13

    My book JFK, Conservative, a short political biography of President Kennedy that argues he was a conservative by the standards of both his time and ours, comes out one week from today. If you are in the Washington, D.C., area, you are warmly invited to

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  • Hayek's Letter to the Times

    posted to The Future of Capitalism :: Writings on Mon 9th May 11

    Don Boudreaux at Cafe Hayek, here, and Peter Boettke at Coordination Problem, here, have already replied to Francis Fukuyama's review in Sunday's New York Times of the new edition of F.A. Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty. Through the wonders of the

  • CNBC's Jim Cramer Recounts Living in His Car

    posted to The Future of Capitalism :: Writings on Mon 23rd Apr 12

    Jim Cramer is now known as a former hedge fund manager with degrees from Harvard and Harvard Law School, the host of CNBC's "Mad Money." But he spent six months in California living in his car with no driver's license, no home address, expired Florida

  • Hayek Versus Keynes

    posted to The Future of Capitalism :: Writings on Wed 9th Nov 11

    Partly because I was invited by Harold Evans, and partly because the event had a tie-in with the new book Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics, by my former New York Sun colleague Nicholas Wapshott, and partly because there aren't that

Latest posts linking here

  • The Crony Index

    posted to Kids Prefer Cheese on Wed 27th Feb 13

    Which companies are the biggest rent-seekers?  Or, is it which companies are the BEST rent-seekers? Either way....the Crony Index! With a nod to Zachary B.

  • in turmoil, says Cramer

    posted to Talking Biz News on Mon 23rd Apr 12

    Financial news site is in turmoil, says company co-founder Jim Cramer, in comments posted on about his career in journalism.FutureofCapitalism writes, “A job at the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner was an upgrade in pay

  • Ira Stoll reports from the Hayek vs Keynes Debate

    posted to Taking Hayek Seriously on Wed 9th Nov 11

    Here. From the article:The crowd had started out as 47% pro Keynes, 33% pro Hayek, and 20% undecided. At the end of the debate, 52% favored Keynes, 42% favored Hayek, and 6% were undecided. So Keynes still had the edge, but the Hayekians won over more of the