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  • Advanced Economies Strengthening, Emerging Market Economies Weakening

    posted to iMFdirect on Tue 8th Oct 13

    By Olivier BlanchardThe issue probably foremost on everyones mind, is the fiscal situation in the United States, and its potential implications.While the focus is on the shutdown and the debt ceiling, we should not forget the sequester, which is leading to

  • How Emerging Markets Can Get Their Groove Back

    posted to iMFdirect on Mon 7th Oct 13

    By Kalpana Kochhar and Roberto PerrelliAfter a decade of high growth and a swift rebound after the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers, emerging markets are seeing slowing growth. Their average growth is now 1 percentage points lower than in 2010

  • Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: How to Design Policies that Work

    posted to iMFdirect on Wed 2nd Oct 13

    ByErikOppersWhats up with weak credit? Five years into the economic crisis credit is still barely growing, and even declining in many advanced economies. Weak credit growth is a major factor holding back the economic recovery and governments have tried every

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  • 2011 In Review: Four Hard Truths

    posted to iMFdirect on Wed 21st Dec 11

    By Olivier BlanchardWhat a difference a year makes We started 2011 in recovery mode, admittedly weak and unbalanced, but nevertheless there was hope. The issues appeared more tractable: how to deal with excessive housing debt in the United States, how to deal

  • Rewriting the Macroeconomists Playbook in the Wake of the Crisis

    posted to iMFdirect on Fri 4th Mar 11

    By Olivier BlanchardBefore the global economic crisis, mainstream macroeconomists had largely converged on a framework for the conduct of macroeconomic policy. The framework was elegant, and conceptually simple. Caricaturing just a bit, it went like this:The

  • The Future of Macroeconomic Policy: Nine Tentative Conclusions

    posted to iMFdirect on Sun 13th Mar 11

    By Olivier BlanchardThe global economic crisis taught us to question our most cherished beliefs about the way we conduct macroeconomic policy. Earlier I had put forward some ideas to help guide conversations as we reexamine these beliefs. I was heartened by

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