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  • Two Americas: one works, the other doesn't

    posted to Calafia Beach Pundit on Mon 7th Oct 13

    Glenn Reynolds, AKA Instapundit, AKA the grandaddy of all bloggers, and arguably one of the most prolific and valuable contributors to the internet, has written an outstanding op-ed in today's USA Today. Here's the first part, but be sure to read it all:There

  • New blood coming to Congress?

    posted to Calafia Beach Pundit on Sun 6th Oct 13

    The other day I had breakfast at the Dennys in San Clemente with Pat Maciariello, an energetic and level-headed conservative running for Congress in California's 45th District. (That's the Orange Country district adjacent to my district, the 49th, which is

  • Who needs government statistics?

    posted to Calafia Beach Pundit on Fri 4th Oct 13

    So the federal government is shut down and the market is deprived of some key statistics, most notably the payroll employment report that we ordinarily would have gotten this morning. Is this a cause for concern? Not really, since there are lots of numbers

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  • The biggest change on the margin

    posted to Calafia Beach Pundit on Thu 8th Mar 12

    These two represent what is arguably the biggest thing that is changing in the U.S. economy these days. Not only is the price of natural gas declining significantly, but it is getting cheaper relative to crude oil by leaps and bounds. And it's all thanks to

  • Pity the Chinese

    posted to Calafia Beach Pundit on Tue 19th Oct 10

    The Chinese own about $1 trillion worth of Treasury securities, whose average yield is now probably in the range of 1-1.5%, and they are being forced to take a beating on those holdings. They are in a real bind, because they are being pressured to appreciate

  • 20 optimistic charts

    posted to Calafia Beach Pundit on Mon 26th Aug 13

    I continue to believe that the market is dominated by pessimism rather than optimism. Or, if you will, that there is a shortage of optimism.What follows are some 20 or so charts, in random order, which highlight optimistic developments in the economy and financial

Latest posts linking here

  • Weighing the Week Ahead: Will Markets Look Beyond the Washington Logjam?

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Sat 5th Oct 13

    Is it premature to think ahead, to a time after the budget and debt logjam is broken? Markets are celebrated for anticipatory power. There are already some signs this is happening. We would all enjoy relief from the parade of politicians and pundits and especially

  • Weighing the Week Ahead: What Will the Government Shutdown Cost?

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Sat 28th Sep 13

    The most important issue facing the US markets and economy is the pending government shutdown. If this expands into a debt default, the implications reach worldwide. As I accurately forecast last week: "Despite a busy economic calendar this week will focus

  • Tuesday links: taper talk

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Tue 17th Sep 13

    Quote of the dayMark Thoma, “Unemployment is too high and inflation is too low (and inflation expectations are stable). Why are we talking about tapering?” (Economist’s View)Chart of the dayMarket timers are getting really bullish. (Mark Hulbert)TechnicalsBeware