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  • Back When the Debt Limit Was Funny

    posted to Donald Marron on Tue 8th Oct 13

  • The U.S. Premiere of Emptying the Skies

    posted to Donald Marron on Sun 6th Oct 13

    My friend Roger Kass recently gave me a chance to review an early cut of Emptying the Skies, his new film with brother Doug and novelist Jonathan Franzen. The documentary makes it U.S debut at the Hamptons International Film Festivalnext weekend. I highly recommend

  • Actually, the United States Has Defaulted

    posted to Donald Marron on Fri 4th Oct 13

    Since the day of Alexander Hamilton, the United States has never defaulted on the federal debt.Thats what we budget-watchers always say. Its a great talking point. One that helps bolster the argument that default should not be an option in Washingtons latest

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  • Why Do Half of Americans Pay No Federal Income Tax?

    posted to Donald Marron on Wed 27th Jul 11

    You may have heard the claim that abouthalf ofAmericans pay no federal income tax.That’s a true fact. My Tax Policy Center colleagues estimate, for example, that 46% of households either will pay no federal income tax in 2011 or willreceive more from

  • S&Ps $2 Trillion Error

    posted to Donald Marron on Sun 7th Aug 11

    In the final hours before Friday’s historic downgrade, Standard &Poorsgave Treasury an advance copy of its report. Amazingly, that report contained a $2 trillion error in its calculations of U.S. deficits and debt over the next decade. Here are four

  • What Would We Need for Persistent 5% Growth?

    posted to Donald Marron on Wed 15th Jun 11

    Last week, I argued that Governor Tim Pawlentys aspiration for 5% economic growth over a full decade isimplausible since the United States has achieved such steady growth only once since World War II.Over at Economics One, Stanford economics professor John

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  • Default

    posted to A Random Walk on Mon 7th Oct 13

    Technically the US has defaulted before...on accident, and it wasn't pretty:Terry Zivney and Richard Marcus describe the default in The Financial Review (sorry, I cant find an ungated version):Investors in T-bills maturing April 26, 1979 were told that the

  • Its Groundhog Day Over the Debt Ceiling

    posted to TaxVox: the Tax Policy Center blog on Wed 2nd Oct 13

    If you recently heard the news that Congress is debating the merits of raising the debt ceiling, don’t think you have time-traveled back to 2011 or to 2012. In the absence of Congressional action, and barring some extraordinary measures, the debt ceiling

  • Weighing the Week Ahead: Will Washington Gridlock Scuttle Stocks?

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Sun 22nd Sep 13

    The weeks of uncertainty continue, as we ask whether political gridlock threatens the economy and the markets. Last week I predicted a week of focus on the Fed, including more clarity on the change in leadership and a new direction for policy. It was a pretty