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  • Pro-growth Tax Reform Needs Dynamic Scoring

    posted to Tax Foundation - Tax Foundation's "Tax Policy Blog" on Fri 9th Aug 13

    The goal of any tax reform should be to maximize economic growth. Tax reform does this through creating a system that limits economic distortion and removes incentives against saving and investment. The current way Congress evaluates tax reform plans ignores

  • 10 Tuesday PM Reads

    posted to The Big Picture on Tue 14th May 13

    My afternoon traffic court reads:Markets and Memory Banks:Why Investors Cant Imagine a Collapse of the Bond Market (Total Return) This Time Its Different, Really (Money Beat)Don’t just do something, sit there! In Soccer and Investing, Bias Is Toward Action

  • Tax increases

    posted to Angry Bear on Tue 30th Apr 13

    Joseph Rosenberg of Tax Policy Center notes that the chained cpi changes taxes for ppeople as well:Obama Budget Plan Results In ‘Back Door’ Tax Increase For Middle-Class Households: Analysis:For those looking to put the woes of Tax Day behind them,