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  • Careful before you leap!

    posted to billy blog on Tue 8th Oct 13

    The triumphalism of British Chancellor George Osborne in recent weeks, as a modicum of positive economic news seeps out of the – Old Dart – or should I say Britain (given the Old Dart strictly refers to England), is almost too much to bear. Moreover,

  • By hook or by crook no sanctity in the private market

    posted to billy blog on Mon 7th Oct 13

    In the last week, Australians have been reminded yet again of the corruption that exists in the ranks of the corporate sector. Over the last few years we have been following the – unfolding evidence – of illegal practices (including bribery, UN-sanction

  • Saturday Quiz October 5, 2013 answers and discussion

    posted to billy blog on Sat 5th Oct 13

    Here are the answers with discussion for yesterdays quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you havent already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this

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  • Elementary misuse of spreadsheet data leaves millions unemployed

    posted to billy blog on Wed 17th Apr 13

    Remember, earlier this year, when the IMF admitted they had made errors in their modelling of expenditure multipliers. They had been tramping into countries with their jackboots telling all and sundry that fiscal austerity would promote growth because their

  • Latest ECB data shows how bad things have become in Euroland

    posted to billy blog on Tue 31st Jan 12

    I was reading the recently published January 2012 Monthly Bulletin from the ECB yesterday. It provides a massive amount of interesting data about the developments in the Eurozone plus analysis. The descriptive analysis is fine (this went up, this went down)

  • It is a pity that he doesnt know the answer himself

    posted to billy blog on Mon 4th Jul 11

    We are deep into hard-disk crash trauma at CofFEE today with 2 volumes dying at the same time on Friday and a backup drive going down too. At least it was a sympathetic act on their behalf. Combine that with I lost a HDD on an iMAC after only 2 weeks since

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  • Are jobs a cost?

    posted to Stumbling and Mumbling on Tue 1st Oct 13

    Tim Worstall says:Jobs are a cost of producing renewables, not a benefit of them, just as with anything else. We want to produce whatever it is we want to produce with the least use of human labour, not the most.I'm not so sure. Tim would be right if we had

  • 10 Monday PM Reads

    posted to The Big Picture on Mon 15th Jul 13

    My afternoon train reading: Why the Fed Wants Higher Prices (Barron’s) Hedge Funds Bought Gold in Biggest Rally Since 2011 (Bloomberg) but see Gold is a popping bubble, too (Marketwatch) What Should We Expect For Long Run Risk Premiums? (Capital Spectator)

  • Links 7/14/13

    posted to naked capitalism on Sun 14th Jul 13

    Lambert here: My own blog, Corrente, is holding its summer fundraiser. 27 31 donors have already contributed to keeping the Corrente servers humming, and to getting lambert a new set of progressive trifocals. Here’s what Corrente is all about, and a history