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  • A Fertilizer Oligopoly?

    posted to CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST on Tue 8th Oct 13

    C. Robert Taylor and Diana L. Moss have written "The Fertilizer Oligopoly: The Case for Antitrust Enforcement," as a monograph for the American Antitrust Institute. Those looking for examples of possibly anticompetitive behavior, whether for classroom examples

  • Slow Takeoff for Young Workers

    posted to CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST on Fri 4th Oct 13

    My office is on a college campus, so it's especially hard to avoid noticing that the class of '13 is going to graduate into a difficult job market, as did their predecessors in the classes of '12, '11, '10, '09, and '08. Indeed, colleges and universities are

  • Wealth Patterns and Retirement Readiness

    posted to CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST on Thu 3rd Oct 13

    Throughout the grim economic statistics of the last five years, I've felt especially badly for three groups: those who have been unemployed at a time when finding a job has been so tough; young people trying to get a foothold in the stagnant labor market; and

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  • Falling Labor Force Participation

    posted to CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST on Thu 26th Apr 12

    The percentage of the U.S. adult population that is either working or unemployed and looking for a job is called the labor force participation rate. From the early 1960s to the late 1990s, this percentage rose more-or-less steadily, from 59% to 67%. But since

  • The Role of Safe Assets in a Financial System

    posted to CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST on Wed 18th Jan 12

    Gary Gorton, Stefan Lewellen, and Andrew Metrick presented "The Safe-Asset Share," one of those rare academic papers with a basic empirical finding that shakes up your mental landscape,  at the annual meetings of the Allied Social Science Associations

  • Labor's Falling Share, Everywhere

    posted to CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST on Thu 6th Jun 13

    When I was getting my feet wet in economics back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was conventional wisdom that the share of national income going to labor fluctuated a bit from year to year, but didn't display a rising or falling trend over time. But the

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  • Hits and Misses

    posted to John Goodman's Health Policy Blog on Mon 7th Oct 13

    Doubts about the flu vaccine.Why the Kentucky exchange is working while other state exchanges aren’t; hint: the problem isn’t “glitches.”Obesity paradox: studies showing overweight people live longer may suffer from measurement error.Does

  • Links for 10-05-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Sat 5th Oct 13

    Kenneth Rogoff's Hooverismo - Brad DeLongUnconventional monetary policies revisited - voxEconomic Confidence Plummets - NYTimes.comA Time of Testing - Narayana KocherlakotaThe Virtues of Adding Hoc (Wonkish) - Paul KrugmanPutin calls professor of Economics

  • Links for 10-04-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Fri 4th Oct 13

    Ken Rogoff on UK austerity - mainly macroPhantom Crises (Wonkish) - Paul KrugmanBritain should not take its credit status for granted - Ken RogoffObamacare Isnt Causing an Increase in Part-Time Employment - EPIMacroeconomic Effect of Debt Ceiling Brinkmanship