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  • Recent developments in oil markets

    posted to Econbrowser on Wed 15th Aug 12

    The price of Brent crude oil fell $35/barrel between April and June. But increases this summer have taken about $25 of that back. Price of Brent in dollars per barrel, Jan 1 to Aug 13. Data source: BP. The increase in crude oil prices also wiped out most of

  • Interesting blog bits

    posted to Anti-Dismal on Thu 3rd Nov 11

    Kyle Almond asks Just how big is 7 billion?Ed Dolan asks Can Spaceship Earth Carry Seven Billion Passengers, and More to Come?Mario Rizzo notes there are Seven Billion People and CountingTim Harford on Malthuss ghost and baby number 7bnMatt Ridley writes on

  • What could America be good at?

    posted to Econbrowser on Thu 15th Sep 11

    A vision of what American economic growth over the next decade could look like might also help us address our immediate economic problems.Macroeconomists have often used Japan in the 1990s as an example of bad monetary policy. It is abundantly clear that their