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  • Links for 05-03-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Fri 3rd May 13

    More services means longer recoveries - The Berkeley BlogComment on Reinhart and Rogoff's FT article - Jonathan PortesGovernment Spending Cuts Contribute to Slower Growth - NYTAll About Spherically Distributed Regression Errors - Dave GilesStolen from Brad's

  • Those Ultra-Keynesians at the National Review and the Wall Street Oped Pages

    posted to EconoSpeak on Thu 2nd May 13

    Ken Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart makes this strange claim: Unfortunately, ultra-Keynesians are too dismissive of the risk of a rise in real interest rates. .No one fully understands why [real interest] rates have fallen so far so fast, and therefore no one can

  • Links for 04-05-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Fri 5th Apr 13

    Global Savings Glut? Global Risk-Tolerance Shortage? - Brad DeLongU.S. tax code isn't as progressive as you think - Dylan MatthewsScientists Decode Dreams With Brain Scans - WiredThis Is Not an Oil Spill - EconbrowserImmigration policy: a dialogue with Martin