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  • MIchigan 42, Minnesota 13

    posted to ECONJEFF on Sun 6th Oct 13

    This game was closer than the score suggests, though Michigan did improve their performance relative to the game against Akron. I worry that they are in for a rude awakening when they finally play someone good.Given that Penn State lost to Indiana for the first

  • Stanford 31, Washington 28

    posted to ECONJEFF on Sun 6th Oct 13

    Sigh .. Washington almost beat Stanford on their home turf and was in the game to the final minute or two . The defense was particularly impressive. Unlike the coach, I think the call that ended the Huskies final drive was probably correct. I agree with the

  • Movie: Rush

    posted to ECONJEFF on Thu 3rd Oct 13

    This film is fun on many levels, and covers a piece of sports history that few Americans will know much, if anything, about.A fine review from the NYT hits the right notesRecommended.

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  • MIles and Noah on getting an economics doctorate

    posted to ECONJEFF on Sat 17th Aug 13

    I am generally in agreement with what Miles and Noah have to say, but would add or alter a few bits:1. By all means do not just focus on the top five or 10 or 15 programs. The poster child here is probably Amitabh Chandra (now at the Kennedy School), whose

  • The union label

    posted to ECONJEFF on Sun 13th Jan 13

    An astounding tale from Philadelphia that reads like something out of the 1930s.The only weak point occurs when the author attributes, as many do, things like the 40 hour work week to unions rather than to economic development. That leisure is a normal good

  • Tom Sargeant bank commercial

    posted to ECONJEFF on Tue 18th Sep 12

    This is pretty cool because it doubles as a commercial and a response to the critics (mostly in the press) who have blamed macro-economics for not predicting the Great Recession.Will a Heckman commercial be next?Hat tip: Ken Troske

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  • Some Econ Grad School Advice

    posted to Twenty-Cent Paradigms on Sun 29th Sep 13

    Miles Kimball (Michigan) and Noah Smith (a recent Michigan PhD who's at Stony Brook) offer a useful "complete guide to getting into an Economics PhD program."  Michigan's Jeff Smith comments on it.  I generally agree, and like J. Smith, I have a slight

  • Uncovering Union Violence

    posted to Marginal Revolution on Tue 15th Jan 13

    Union violence against non-unionized workers and their employers is an under-reported story. Everyone knows it happens but they look the other way. It’s hard to look the other way, however, when the violence and vandalism is videotaped and put on the

  • Sordid Links

    posted to Cheap Talk on Fri 19th Oct 12

    Which hunting.The first time Prince performed Purple Rain.What famous people smell like.Creepy superhero impersonators.Bank commercial featuring Tom Sargent.