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  • Default and the Dollar

    posted to The Slack Wire on Tue 1st Oct 13

    Government shutdown, debt ceiling deadline just around the corner. Were you watching this show when it was first on, in the summer of 2011? People were predicting that even the possibility of a technical default (which almost happened), or credit-rating downgrade

  • Exchange Rates and Trade Flows in Asia

    posted to The Slack Wire on Mon 16th Sep 13

    A bit more on shifting trade flows following the 1997 Asian Crisis.Enno Schroeder, whose decomposition  of European trade flows I've mentioned here before, was kind enough to do a similar exercise for the four Asian crisis countries. His results are here;

  • The Mirage of Devaluation

    posted to The Slack Wire on Tue 3rd Sep 13

    The papers are full of the rupee crisis. India's worst economy in decades, supposedly.The silver lining, according to this morning's FT, is that the fall in the rupee should eventually boost exports. After all, after the the 1997 Asian crisis, "countries like

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  • Aggregate Demand and Modern Macroeconomics

    posted to The Slack Wire on Thu 18th Apr 13

    Start with a point on language.People often talk about aggregate demand as if it were a quantity. But this is not exactly right. There's no number or set of numbers in the national accounts labeled "aggregate demand". Rather, aggregate demand is a way

  • Borrowing Debt

    posted to The Slack Wire on Fri 5th Apr 13

    There's a common shorthand that makes "debt" and "borrowing" interchangeable. The question of why an economic unit had rising debt over some period, is treated as equivalent to the question of why it was borrowing more over that period, or why its expenditure

  • Aggregate Demand in the Long Run

    posted to The Slack Wire on Mon 25th Feb 13

    The second issue of the new Review of Keynesian Economics is out, this one focused on growth. [1] There's a bunch of interesting contribtuions, but I especially like the piece by Steve Fazzari, Pietro Ferri, Edward Greenberg and Anna Maria Variato,

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  • Assorted links

    posted to Marginal Revolution on Wed 18th Sep 13

    1. South Korea to build, cloakable, “invisible” skyscraper.2. Small data journalism.3. A case for exchange rate elasticity pessimism.4. Routledge book on “philosophy of race” sells for $1185.00. And accepting inequality.5. The Seth Roberts

  • If Interest Rates Rise, We Can Plummet the National Debt!

    posted to Angry Bear on Mon 10th Jun 13

    Dean Bakermakes what seems to be a stunningly obvious point, one that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere. Condensed and with emphasis added for your consideration:…the value of our [government] debt will plummet if interest rates rise…we could

  • Scott Sumner Goes Marxist, Proposes Targeting Labors Share of Income

    posted to Angry Bear on Tue 7th May 13

    I’m joking of course. He’s still grinding the supply-side axe (though judiciously here, IMO). But you gotta admire a fellow when he follows the logic of the data where his own logic requires him to go. He’s just done three posts about Germany’s