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  • Is decoupling real?

    posted to Consider the Evidence on Mon 12th Mar 12

    Since the 1970s, income growth for middle-class American households has become decoupled from growth of the economy. The chart below offers one way to see this. It shows trends in GDP per capita and median family income, with each series displayed as an index

  • The great decoupling

    posted to Consider the Evidence on Tue 1st Feb 11

    Tyler Cowen’s e-bookThe Great Stagnation offers a novel explanation of the slowdown in U.S. median income growth since the 1970s. Here’s his causal model:Innovation —> economic growth —> median income growthIn this model there

  • Americas inefficient health-care system: another look

    posted to Consider the Evidence on Mon 11th Jul 11

    America’s health-care system differs from its counterparts in other affluent nations in a number of ways: greater fragmentation among payers and price-setters, stronger incentives for overuse of advanced diagnostic and treatment technology, higher administrative

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  • Links for 09-19-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Thu 19th Sep 13

    Things Come to a Head - Paul KrugmanCompetitive effects of PC software bundling - voxAmericas Sinking Middle Class - NYTimes.comWhat Are the Risks of Quantitative Easing, Really? - Brad DeLongIncome inequality and its effects - Consider the EvidenceUmmm...that's

  • 'Poverty and Economics'

    posted to Economist's View on Thu 29th Aug 13

    Daniel Little: Poverty and economics, by Daniel Little: How important should the subject of poverty be within the discipline of economics? Some economists appear to think it is a very small issue compared to the magnificent mathematics of general equilibrium

  • Links for 08-21-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Wed 21st Aug 13

    Rupee Panic - Paul KrugmanMeasuring the cost of austerity - mainly macroThe mystery of economic growth - Consider the EvidenceComing Full Circle in Energy, to Nuclear - NYTimes.comFirst evidence on co-funding of Chinese firms - voxLikely Lot of New Fed Faces