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  • More--yes, still more--on government pensions

    posted to Newmark's Door on Tue 8th Oct 13

    "Every Government Has a Little Bit of Detroit in It".One might wonder how the pension fund could get away with that. Its actually simplejust treat expected returns as guaranteed. By assuming no risk that future returns would be lower than projected,

  • "Worried About Cancer? Get Married"

    posted to Newmark's Door on Tue 8th Oct 13

    Virginia Postrel:Controlling for demographic factors such as age, race, education and household income, researchers who analyzed records of more than 730,000 cancer patients found that married patients did significantly better than single people.

  • "The Most Hipster Schools"

    posted to Newmark's Door on Tue 8th Oct 13

    A different, and more recent, list from the one I posted earlier. Here's a bit about Brown which ranks only #4:As one of the few schools in the nation with no core class requirements, Brown University breeds true freethinkers. The only things higher

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  • "Collected Advice for the Young Economists"

    posted to Newmark's Door on Mon 28th Apr 08

    Most of these resources are pretty well-known; some of them have even been touted here. But it's nice to have links to them in a single place.And here are Ngan Dinh's own suggestions. (You may remember her name because she has been mentioned on this blog before:

  • Different schools of economics

    posted to Newmark's Door on Tue 4th Mar 08

    The homepage for Swarthmore's economics department presents seven "Questions of Economics". The first one is "What activities should governments undertake, and what can be left to markets?""Left to markets"??In the department in

  • Still more on the famous file-sharing paper

    posted to Newmark's Door on Mon 23rd Jun 08

    I've posted about the famous Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf JPE paper on file-sharing--and Stan Liebowitz's questioning of it--before (here and here). There's now a third round in the controversy. The German newspaper Handelsblatt has a story today titled "No

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  • Picture of the day

    posted to Environmental Economics on Tue 5th Mar 13

    If you like this one there are more here. Hat tip: The Door

  • How recessions spread

    posted to SCSUScholars on Thu 22nd Oct 09

    A cool graph, illustrating the regional spread of recession by using a graphic kind of like Gapminder to show employment gains and losses in 100 U.S. and 20 Canadian cities. h/t: Craig Newmark. What's interesting is to pull the slider to December 2007. Where

  • Energy Expert: Oil Will Fall to $20 a Barrel

    posted to CARPE DIEM on Sat 11th Jul 09

    Respected energy economist Philip Verleger makes case that oil will fall to levels not seen in over a decade.HT: Craig Newmark