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  • The Employment Report and the Birth/Death Adjustment

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Thu 6th Aug 09

    Nearly everyone interested in the markets pays special attention to the monthly employment situation report. gives it the highest rating for importance. CNBC commentators today said that everyone was breathless, waiting for the announcement. (This

  • Book Review: The Big Short by Michael Lewis

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Tue 24th Aug 10

    I have been reading books about the financial crisis, and I plan to write a review of each. A reviewer should have an audience in mind. Mine is the financial community, especially those of us wanting to learn. I look specifically for what lessons we might find

  • What Can You Know, and When Can You Know It?

    posted to A Dash of Insight on Wed 11th Aug 10

    Access to information is crucial for investors and traders. Even a small advantage in timing can make a big difference. An enduring theme is access for the "little guy" versus big-time traders.An interesting chapter in that story is playing out with little

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  • Links for 05-19-2013

    posted to Economist's View on Sun 19th May 13

    Old-fashioned Austerity - Paul KrugmanThe 1 Percent Are Only Half the Problem - NYTUnconventional Monetary Policies - The Irish EconomyFor Stock-Picking Advice, Dont Ask an Economist - Greg MankiwThe Week Ahead: Ready for Some Fedspeak? - Dash of InsightCookbook

  • Friday links: bear insurance

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Fri 24th Sep 10

    The David Tepper rally. (Dealbreaker, Pragmatic Capitalism, NetNet, Market Folly)Resistance has become support. (Stock Rabbi also Trader’s Narrative)Has macro investing killed stock picking? (WSJ, Money Game, Capital Spectator)Has sentiment gotten a touch

  • Friday links: not dead yet

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Fri 17th Sep 10

    Stock pickers aren’t dead yet. (Crossing Wall Street)Where do we stand on the “investor sentiment cycle“? (Kirk Report also A Dash of Insight, VIX and More)What is a reasonable rate of return on equities? Think 6% not 11%. (Marketwatch)Junk