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  • Goodbye Harvard, hello Institute for Advanced Study

    posted to Dani Rodrik's weblog on Thu 27th Jun 13

    So big changes ahead for me. This is my last week at Harvard, as I am moving to the Institute for Advanced Study as the Albert O. Hirschman professor in the School of Social Science.  Here is the Institutes official announcement.  My new home page

  • Prospects for future economic growth

    posted to Dani Rodrik's weblog on Mon 24th Jun 13

    Tyler Cowen refers to some of my work in his NYT piece on dimming prospects for high growth in emerging market economies. Coincidentally, the brand new Global Citizen Foundation has just published my more substantial paper on this topic, titled The Past, Present,

  • How well did the Turkish economy do over the last decade?

    posted to Dani Rodrik's weblog on Thu 20th Jun 13

    There has been much discussion in Turkey in recent days about the performance of the economy under the AKP government, occasioned in part by an exchange I had with Minister of Finance Mehmet imek.The Turkish government likes to claim that the GDP expanded by

Most popular posts

  • The "free trade reduces prices" fallacy, yet again

    posted to Dani Rodrik's weblog on Sun 27th Apr 08

    This time the culprit is Tyler Cowen. In his column for the New York Times today, Cowen argues that freer trade in food commodities such as rice would boost global supplies and help reduce prices.  He is probably right about the first, but not about the

  • Stolper-Samuelson for the real world

    posted to Dani Rodrik's weblog on Mon 16th Jun 08

    (Warning: This is a long and wonkish entry, aiming at self-comprehension, and the product of one too many long plane ride.)The Stolper-Samuelson theorem is a remarkable theorem: it says that in a world with two goods and two factors of production, where specialization

  • American political economics in one picture

    posted to Dani Rodrik's weblog on Mon 31st Mar 08

    Look at the figure below, and then look at it again, and again, and again.  It is the most telling picture about the U.S. political economy I have ever seen.  It comes from Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels' new book, soon to be released.

Latest posts linking here

  • 10 Monday PM Reads

    posted to The Big Picture on Mon 15th Jul 13

    My afternoon train reading: Why the Fed Wants Higher Prices (Barron’s) Hedge Funds Bought Gold in Biggest Rally Since 2011 (Bloomberg) but see Gold is a popping bubble, too (Marketwatch) What Should We Expect For Long Run Risk Premiums? (Capital Spectator)

  • The slowing escalator - has Africa missed the bus?

    posted to Urbanomics on Fri 28th Jun 13

    Dani Rodrik and Tyler Cowen have written about the bleak prospects of rapid economic growth in developing countries. The argument goes something like this. Historically, due to its ease of replicability (of new processes and foreign technologies), sustained

  • Link exchange

    posted to Free exchange on Fri 28th Jun 13

    A programming note: I will be away from the blog for much of the next month, first on holiday and then as my family moves to London. I will leave the blog in the very capable hands of my colleagues, however, so do continue stopping by.Today's recommended economics