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  • Saturday links: rethinking bonds

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Sat 5th Oct 13

    The weekend is a great time to catch up on some long form items that we passed up on during the week. Thanks for checking in.InvestingIt’s time to rethink the role of bonds in your portfolio. (ThinkAdvisor)Are you generating returns from rebalancing?

  • Friday links: an ineffective tax

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Fri 4th Oct 13

    Quote of the dayJohn Authers, “This [closet indexing] is an effective tax on millions of investors, for no economic benefit, and helps pump up asset bubbles. It impedes capitalism and the efficient allocation of capital.” (FT)Chart of the dayThe

  • Grinding out a public sandwich chain

    posted to Abnormal Returns on Fri 4th Oct 13

    A couple of months ago I had a post up on coming to terms with “the Grind.” The idea being that doing anything of note, whether it be in the arts, business or investing takes a dedicated, sustained effort. To say nothing of the role of luck as well.