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  • Making work pay

    posted to Democracy in America on Thu 5th Sep 13

    NO ONE wants poor people to starve, so most governments provide a safety net of some kind. Yet if a safety net is too generous, it discourages work. Striking a balance is hard: an ideal welfare state would look after those who cannot help themselves or are

  • Smother my neighbour

    posted to Democracy in America on Wed 4th Sep 13

    ON SOME days even if we shut down the entire state, we would be in violation of some health standards because of pollution coming over from other states. Thus the late Senator Frank Lautenberg griped about foul air blowing into New Jersey. For years, upwind

  • A not very dangerous precedent

    posted to Democracy in America on Tue 3rd Sep 13

    LIKE Jonathan Bernstein, I think John McCain is wrong when he says that it would set a "catastrophic" precedent for congress to vote down Barack Obama's request for authorisation of the use of military force in Syria. As Mr Bernstein says, "Congress and the

Most popular posts

  • Six questions for Bruce Bartlett

    posted to Democracy in America on Sun 25th Jul 10

    Democracy in America Bruce Bartlett on the deficit, economy and VAT R.M. | WASHINGTON, DC On the economy, the deficit, and the chance that America will one day have a VAT Images: IT'S difficult to classify Bruce Bartlett politically. He has worked on the

  • You put the load right on me

    posted to Democracy in America on Tue 5th Apr 11

    PAUL RYAN'S plan to replace Medicare with a system of vouchers for seniors to buy health care on the private market has only been vaguely described, as of this writing. But there is one thing about it that's fairly clear, regardless of what's in the details

  • Japan and the economics of natural disaster

    posted to Democracy in America on Wed 16th Mar 11

    JAPAN is in tragic disarray after last week's massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Nature may be cruelly unpredictable, but people are just cruel. Every time there is a catastrophe abroad, American opinionators use the prospect of reconstruction as an

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